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Converting Your Vending Machine to LED Lights

Maxim Vending LED Light

If you have a vending machine with the older-style fluorescent lights you may be considering retrofitting the machine with a newer LED light system. LED lights offer several advantages:

  • Lower electricity usage
  • Cooler operation
  • Less maintenance and fewer bulb replacements
  • Brighter than fluorescent bulbs
  • Clearer view of products for sale in vending machine

LED lights can often be added to older vending machines with a minimum amount of work. The older fluorescent ballasts and bulbs can be removed from the vending machine and the LED lights can be mounted in a variety of ways, usually using existing supports and double-sided tape or zip ties. Some of the retrofit LED light kits made specifically for vending machines have adapters to connect to the existing vending machine wiring harnesses, making connections easy. Other LED kits require additional wiring or power supplies to make them compatible with the vending machine wiring,

One downside to installing an LED system is cost: LED retrofit kits for vending machines can cost between $125 to $200 per machine, depending on the options selected. Prices are dropping quickly, though, and sales on LED light kits are common.

Maximum Vending performs LED light kit installations, retrofits, and repairs. If you would like information and prices to fit LED lights to your current vending machine or repair an existing installation please contact us and we can discuss your options. Thanks.