Gun Safes

Now Offering Gun Safes!

We are now offering custom gun safes made from converted soda machines. When closed and locked these gun safes look like a standard soda machine, so are excellent for concealing and protecting your guns and valuables. Although not fireproof or as secure as traditional gun safes, they are less expensive, and provide more “disguise” than an easily recognizable safe. They are heavy enough that they would be extremely difficult for a thief to move, and can be bolted to the floor or wall for added security. We always have several different types of soda machines in stock ready for custom conversion, or if you have your own machine and would like to have it converted, please Contact Us for prices. Below are¬†pictures of soda machine¬†safes after conversion (click each picture for a fullsize image):

gunsafelarge gunsafe5large gunsafe4large gunsafe3large gunsafe2large gunsafe1large